On this page I will try to list a lot of different acts that have sent me promotional materials and have asked me to help them with bookings. I've listed them here because I have not actually placed them in any venues as of yet. Once I do, I will move them to the artist pages.

The Blues Disciples - Wisconsin (Blues)
Steve Clarke & The Working Stiffs - Minnesota (Jazz/Blues)
Joe Moss - Illinois (Blues)
Nick Moss & The Flip Tops - Illinois (Blues)
Kevin Bowe & The Okemah Prophets - Minnesota (Rock)
Kilo - Iceland (Rap)
Mannakorn - Iceland (Blues)
Ross Neilsen - New Brunswick (Blues)
Matt Andersen - N.E. Atlantic Canada (Blues)
Ryan LeBlanc - N.E. Atlantic Canada (Folk/Rock)
Matchstick Mike & The Chain Smokin' Alter Boys - N.E. Atlantic Canada (Blues)
Lisa Genge - Prince Edward Island (Blues/Folk/Pop)
The Lavigne's - Minnesota (Blues)

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